Get over “what do I know”

Get over yourself

If there’s one thing running through your head this week let it be this… get over yourself.

Answer this question… How many times have you said something or thought something then let it sit in your head, not doing anything about it, and watch somebody else say or do the same thing? What’s worse is, not only do they say or do the same thing that you’ve been thinking, they get praise for it, it ends up being a great idea, or even worse, they go on to make money because of that idea. While you think to yourself… that could have been me.

I still remember sitting in my friend Craig’s living room talking about creating a website where someone could go and figure out what kind of vacation they wanted and book the trip. That was in 1995. We didn’t do anything about it. Expedia did.

If you think back to all the ideas you’ve had, all the things you wish you’d said, all the times you wish you spoken up in a meeting, or pushed your idea just a little harder, you’ll come up with hundreds of them. So the truth is, it’s not what you don’t know, it’s what you do know and don’t do, or say.

So this week as you’re making your goals, looking forward and planning in your Ink+Volt notebook, make sure that one of your goals is to get over yourself. Say what you know. Don’t let somebody else say it for you.

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