A little black girl with purple socks runs across a green floor chasing a yellow ball. 
The gray haired man holding the paper doesn’t notice when the ball rolls under his table and toward the door. 

He’s reading his paper and the pink full page add on the back page only barely rustles 
as a man with curly black hair walks by toward the exit. 
The black haired man smiles at the small black girl as she stands shyly, hoping that the ball might come back to her. 

His white teeth are a stark contrast to his dark brown skin and he doesn’t notice the yellow ball. 
As he opens the door to leave he steps on the small yellow superball. 
The man loses his balance for just a second as his ankle rolls. 
His smile fades and is replaced by a slightly confused look. 
He leaves the small girl looking at her ball. 

Her face is passive as the ball starts to roll toward her. 
She steps forward, bends down, and picks it up just as soon as it is a safe distance from the gray haired man. 

He still doesn’t look at her. 
Instead, his paper rustles as he turns the page. 
His gray beard is perfectly trimmed. 

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