The hardest thing I’ve done on stage

In May of 2016 I was selected to be a speaker at Ignite Madison. It was an awesome, humbling experience. The format was great for the audience and what I’d call excruciating for the speaker, or at least this speaker. Five minute presentation, twenty slides automatically advanced every thirty seconds. Brutal.

The theme was “Unique Jobs” and that part was easy for me. My work history is a source of much speculation as to its veracity. My buddy Eric claims to have a special string board set up in his basement trying to track my history. This theme was perfect for me. What was hard was speaking about something personal. I’ve given a good number of talks about what I’m up to in my professional life so talking about my personal life, even if it was about work was a step out of my comfort zone. I hear doing that is good for you.

It was good for me.

Take a look below to see my talk on the Ignite stage.


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